We have extensive experience developing and managing online stores with very high standards of functionality and security for large companies inside and outside the country.



Site redesign, stabilization of the sales platform and optimization, traffic capacity, loading speed, navigation, design and administration tools. Constant management and optimization. SEO strategies.

Objectives achieved: optimal visibility in search engines and increase in sales.


Design, programming and management of e-commerce, optimization of navigation and loading speed with capacity of 1,000 simultaneous users, creation of an exhaustive database of auto parts, optimization of product catalog and search engine for end consumer and wholesalers, in collaboration with the IT, Marketing and sales departments. Development of the APP version for Android.

Objectives achieved: increase in sales through an intuitive and friendly interface, fast and efficient consultation experience for the general public, with opening times of 2 to 3 seconds and instant and accurate results.



Design, programming and maintenance, SEO, content generation.

Objective achieved: better user experience by image, navigation, functionality, clarity, security, speed and stability.